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Web trends in 2022

The web is increasingly versatile and creative, just like in the early days of the internet. But what do the new technologies metaverse and web3 bring?

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Veebitrendid 2021. aastal

Web trends in 2021

In addition to natural developments in trends, the dramatic year 2020 made us think about things that have otherwise been left behind in the capitalist race of progress.

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Veebitrendid 2020. aastal

Web trends in 2020

New decade, new trends! Or still the old fashioned way? An overview of the current state of web design.

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Veebitrendid 2019. aastal

Web trends in 2019

Web and digital design at the beginning of 2019 is in a phase of self-conscious maturation. Originality, which tends to be lost, is sought, work processes are polished and rethought. Attention is paid to the content and value that is actually offered to users.

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Tarkvaraarenduse trendid 2018. aastal

Software development trends in 2018

2018 in software development is going to be extremely interesting as new technologies will take to the masses. Rapid development will however bring up questions about security and privacy. How far are we willing to go?

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Veebitrendid 2018. aastal

Web trends in 2018

Here is an overview of the state of web design at the beginning of 2018. Layouts, fonts, colours and forms are more interesting than ever. Unique illustrations and meaningful animation complementing the previous.

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PHP7 + Joomla 3.5

Overview: Make your website two times faster with the help of PHP 7 and Joomla! 3.5.

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Veebileht kui tõhus kinnisvara müügi tööriist

Website as an effective tool for selling real estate

A modern, fine, convenient, and comprehensive website is a valuable tool in selling real estate.

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Tarkvaraarenduse trendid 2016. aastal

Software development trends in 2016

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Veebitrendid 2016. aastal

Web trends in 2016

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Tartu ülikooli virtuaaltuur

Case study: University of Tartu virtual tour

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Kivi Apartments

A most awesome real estate website – Kivi Apartments in Tartu

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What is a hashtag? #hashtag

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I'm not sure whether my current thought is a tweet or a facebook update

How to use social media to your company’s advantage

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The 36 rules of social media infographic

Inbound and outbound marketing

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Carrot Patches

The importance of continuous web maintenance

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The posh offices of digital agencies

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Why is it important to analyse your website?

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