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Kivi Apartments


A most awesome real estate website – Kivi Apartments in Tartu

Karen K. Burns


We had a great chance to add something special to our real estate web portfolio in the form of Tartu’s new Kivi apartments website.

We are mostly used to seeing real estate websites use fairly similar templates and elements, but with Kivi street we have used a more modern and trendy scrollable solution as well as added some cool animation. The project’s design was lead by our AD Kertu Oja, who writes as follows: “The goal of Kivi Apartments project was to create a website that introduces Kivi street apartments, 3D views for both interiors and exteriors and project an overall identity that would represent Tartu as a good living environment. When creating the identity we created unique visual references that are easy to use in different mediums. On the website nice little details (such as the man riding over the bridge on a motorbike) have been added and almost every page is custom-made to offer content to the user as interestingly and informatively as possible”.

At the bottom of the first page we created a panorama using silhouettes of Tartu’s best known buildings. This idea is further developed under the Location menu button: here the silhouettes change according to the category that the client is currently looking at, showing all the major retail outlets, nightclubs as well as recreational areas. As all this great content has been made responsive so you can access it from your tablet or smartphone as well.

Kivi Apartments screens

The project and client were great to work with – we had the opportunity to create not just a bog standard real estate website, but integrate the city’s living environment as well as the unique spirit of the university town into all aspects of the web design itself. Our AD: “It was fun working on the project because we were given relatively free reign and the client wished for a more interesting web page”.

If you feel like we could help you creating a cool solution for your own project feel free to contact us.