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The website is your 24/7 working marketing and communication tool. Its technical condition and safety are of primary importance. Also, the market situation and technologies are constantly changing, and with them the expectations of visitors to your website. Therefore, it is necessary to test, monitor the usage and make updates according to the changed circumstances.


The website maintenance and help desk service gives you a sense of security because:

  • the software of your website is always updated, which significantly reduces the probability that the website will be taken over by a malicious attack;
  • you always have a reliable partner to turn to with web-related ideas, questions and concerns;
  • the compliance of the design, structure and content of your website with the set business goals and modern standards is regularly audited.

In summary, all of the above contributes to the increase in the number of visitors to the website, improves the speed and findability of the website, and thus the position in the search engine results. The satisfaction of your website visitors increases, which helps to better fulfill the goals set for the website.

To whom?

For owners of websites with a freeware content management system (WordPress, Joomla!), who appreciate the sense of security that comes with knowing that the website’s security is always guaranteed at the maximum possible level.

For web page managers who want a reliable partner for help on issues related to website management and consider it important to constantly measure the effectiveness of the website as a communication tool and keeping it up-to-date.

Service content

  • Technical maintenance service (WordPress / Joomla!) – we prevent problems and make sure that website software upgrades and security fixes are done on time.
  • User support (helpdesk) – our specialist solves questions and concerns related to your website by e-mail or phone.
  • Website analytics report (quarterly, based on Google Analytics) – key numerical indicators with our expert’s assessment and recommendations.
  • General audit of the website (once a year, based on the observation of an experienced specialist) – provides an overview of the ease of use and general technical condition of the website with recommendations for possible improvements and updates.

How to start?

👋 Write to us or call 776 9222.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get to know each other, think together and discuss how we can be of help with our services.