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The specification is the basis for the development of well-thought-out, functional software that meets the customer’s expectations. Based on the specification, we create specific tasks to develop the necessary components and views. The development process, which is divided into parts using the specification, allows the delivery of the software to the customer as soon as possible (MVP) and with shorter intervals, if necessary.


  • User interface (front-end) development mainly on Bootstrap and Vue.js frameworks.
  • System (back-end) development for WordPress and Joomla! platforms, as well as special solutions for the PHP Laravel framework.
  • E-shop development for WordPress + WooCommerce platform.
  • Development of integrations and API interfaces to connect the website with external services.

How to start?

👋 Write to us or call 776 9222.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get to know each other, think together and discuss how we can be of help with our services.