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A high-quality logo and uniform, thought-out style help create a trustworthy image for the company, product or organisation. This, in turn, helps to reach set goals like increasing sales or notoriety.

To whom?

To everyone that needs a new visual identity or to adjust the existing one. We will create visual identities for companies and organisations but also for products and services.

Service content

We start our process with a specification. Through the creation of the specification we will get to know the clients’ values, market position and competitors, sales arguments and business goals. We then phrase the general goal and leitmotif of the branding. During the process we communicate closely with the client. We weigh different options that result from the analysis, best modern practices and our extensive experience.

As a result we create logos in different file and colour formats and according to the agreement either a simple, customary or exhaustive style guide:

  • simple guide sets colours and fonts;
  • customary guide has additional logo and style manual;
  • an exhaustive guide has additional different samples of materials etc according to the agreement.

How to start?

👋 Write to us or call 776 9222.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get to know each other, think together and discuss how we can be of help with our services.