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If the website owner does not have a specific employee who is responsible for the management and content creation of the website, or the responsible employee does not have enough skills or experience to work with the content management system of the website, the potential of the website, in the creation of which considerable resources have been invested, remains unused.

WordPress and Joomla! are not just tools for managing website content, but if skillfully used, powerful marketing and communication tools with practically unlimited possibilities. We advise and train our clients to use these tools to their full potential.

To whom?

For WordPress and Joomla! website managers, for whom the web is a daily work tool and who want to find ways to encourage the growth of website traffic, increase visitor satisfaction and better fulfill the goals set for the website.

Service content

We offer specific trainings for the client’s website on the following topics:

  • Website management and content editing on the WordPress platform
  • Website management and content editing Joomla! on the platform

How to start?

👋 Write to us or call 776 9222.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get to know each other, think together and discuss how we can be of help with our services.