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A website or digital solution is essentially a dialogue – one part is searching to make contact to get certain things done. It is important that the user finds what they are looking for but the dialogue act itself is equally as important. If the conversation was great, see you again! If the conversation partner was grumpy, we tend to avoid them in the future.

Design should take care of both layers: the contact has to be both pleasant and fruitful. Also, both parties’ interests need to be attended to.

In a well-made website, both clients’ business goals and users’ needs are made to overlap smoothly. It is useful, meaningful and memorable for the user and for the owner, commercially beneficial and easily manageable. When users are content, they come back to the website, which means the business is blooming and the websites’ owner is content.

More specifically, a well-made website is characterised by:

  • The website is a logical output of the companys’ activity in the digital world. When the service or activity is clear and logical, the website can reflect that. If the business side is unreasoned, the website unfortunately cannot do wonders.
  • Users understand what the organisation does and why the website was created for them. A good website offers the users something necessary that they visit the website for.
  • Navigation and structure are clear and purposeful. It is obvious what needs to be found, how to find it and what to do with the findings.
  • Users are offered further actions (CTA i.e call-to-action). Such as buying, ordering, information inquiry, reading an article, subscribing to a newsletter etc.
  • Website visit leaves a pleasant general impression that transfers to the whole brand. Positive emotions are created by good looks, ease of use and content of the service all together.

To whom?

We have made many websites for institutions, organisations and companies, where large masses of information must be made easy for users to consume.

We also have good experience with web applications and information systems of start-ups and institutions.

If you want a trendy representative or sales website, we have made many real estate sales websites, for example.

Service content

When creating a design, we start our work process from the specification. Based on this, we start designing the user experience. We communicate closely with the customer during the process to avoid possible costly remakes later in the process. We consider different options based on analysis, best modern practices and our long-term experience.

The result of the work is a designed and finished, interactive, seemingly functional user interface prototype of a web page or application with a component-based design system.

How to start?

👋 Write to us or call 776 9222.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get to know each other, think together and discuss how we can be of help with our services.