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Teaduskeskus AHHAA


Science Centre AHHAA

On the website of the popular entertainment centre, we highlighted the program more and made planning a visit more convenient. In addition, a new e-shop was completed.

The goal: make the information easier to find

The AHHAA Science Centre is a very popular travel destination in the centre of Tartu. Many guests come here from Estonia, but also from, for example, Latvia and Finland. Most of the guests come in groups of school and kindergarten children. In addition, the centre offers various services, starting with the organisation of a birthday party.

The website needed an update both visually and in ease of use. It was commercially important to make the website a visit planning tool. Information about group visits and various services was difficult to find, and therefore too much working time was spent answering questions over the phone. The website simply did not function as an effective source of information and had to be changed.

Ahhaa home page

Highlighting what is important to the user

The opening page of the new website has a science-themed visual and urgent contact information for visitors to the centre. Since the potential visitor is mainly interested in the program, i.e. what is happening and what can be seen, we highlighted is on the front page. The program can be conveniently filtered by date and event type. The front page provides an overview for both a random visitor arriving at the centre and a teacher planning an in-depth group visit.


Important activities that turn an interested party into a real customer are brought as close as possible to the interested party. For example, if the type of event allows, you can also buy a ticket on the front page; without going to the subpage of the detailed view, you can see in which language, for example, a planetarium or science theatre show is taking place; on the service pages, you can immediately fill out the order form, etc.


A modern e-shop solution

AHHAA also has an exciting toy store, and as a follow-up project we made a completely new e-shop for AHHAA. As typical of a modern e-shop, it is connected to various economic software so that activities are maximally automated. The e-shop was developed by 1K-Digital.

The design of the e-shop is in AHHAA blue colours and you can also meet AHHAA’s mascot robot Oskar there.

E-shop home page