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Fenno-Ugria Asutus


Fenno-Ugria Organisation

The new website for the Fenno-Ugria Organisation helps promote the culture and life of our tribal peoples.

In their own words, Fenno-Ugria is a “competency centre that develops connections between the Finno-Ugric peoples and their interaction with the rest of the world, supports the promotion of the culture, education and science of the Finno-Ugric peoples, introduces the cultures of the tribal peoples and their nature-friendly way of life, organises information exchange and contributes to Fennougristics development in Estonia”.

Home page

The idea of ​​the website is to be not just a representative website of the organisation, but a portal and the main information channel of the entire Finno-Ugric field. Since they want to cover the entire field, the audience is also quite broad:

  • students and teachers
  • the wider so-called tribal society, which is interested in folk music and culture, nature and small peoples, anthropology, etc.
  • organisations in the field, societies, choirs and other active organisers of tribal life
  • policy makers and decision makers
  • specialists in the field, researchers

The website has quite a lot and different types of content depending on the target groups:

  • up-to-date information and current topics – news and events calendar, publications, research and reports
  • grant information – Fenno-Ugria mediates various activity grants and scholarships
  • general information about the peoples – detailed introductions about each part of the people, interactive map, etc
  • information about media channels, programs, etc. of the Finno-Ugric peoples, i.e. references for additional information
  • and of course also information about the institution itself

Since Fenno-Ugria itself organises major international events, such as congresses and Finno-Ugrian Days, the calendar of events is particularly important. Events are also the main thing that brings visitors to the website. From the calendar of events, you can move to the detailed view, where there is comprehensive information about the event and the option to move on to buy a ticket. A major event brings together sub-events, they can also be sorted out in the event list. Sorting also works for news, for example. Similar content and topics are associated with tags and categories, so even a regular content article can also display related events and news.

The website is developed for WordPress. Its new website builder, called Gutenberg, gives the page manager a lot of flexibility while being easy to use.

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