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We use different means to understand the end user/customer, owner of the website and the field of activity generally. In order to reach goals it is important to make decisions based on real data and analysis.

It is crucial to define the real problem. A car probably does not lose power because the driver presses on the gas pedal less than usual but maybe the fuel line is leaking. Let’s find the actual problem and work on that!

The first thing an analysis needs is information and data. Numbers often accumulate over time (Google Analytics etc). Substantive information like attitudes, mental patterns and emotions need to be ascertained (interviews, workshops etc).

In addition to data the sharp eye of an experienced specialist is also needed. It is easy to drown into a mass of information and see all sorts of connections. A specialist is able to find just the right pattern that is important and affects the final performance and business goals of the website.

What exactly do we do?

The most common and efficient instruments are interviews with the clients’ interested parties (management, specialists). They often have a hunch on possible bottlenecks and talking to them usually reveals the source of the problem.

We also make different technical audits. These are done before creating a digital solution and also periodically after the launch to see if everything is working as needed. We offer a variety of auditing products:

  • General website audit maps out the current state of the website. Based on this information, the website owner can decide if and where to direct resources to further develop the website.
  • Website usage and usability audit is a more thorough insight into the perspective of users and website owners. It is an important input also for a website specification.
  • Website accessibility audit maps out the state of website accessibility and describes how to fix the identified deficiencies. Further actions to make the website compliant with accessibility requirements can be planned accordingly.

How to start?

👋 Write to us or call 776 9222.

Let’s arrange a meeting to get to know each other, think together and discuss how we can be of help with our services.