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TREV-2 Grupp


TREV-2 Grupp

TREV-2 Grupp is a company focused on road construction and maintenance. We created a presentable website for the large enterprise.

The highly experienced company, dating back to the 1960’s, gains prominence over its competitors because of its wide ranging services, innovativeness and social responsibility. In order to present the company’s values, services and experience, they needed a modern and sound website.

We started by creating thorough wireframes in order to discuss the layouts and interactions with the client. In visual design we were guided by the company’s style, where inclining surfaces with rounded corners and a colour palette of red, grey and white are used. We also integrated a map-application that gives a detailed overview of numerous objects in work, buildings, quarries, plants, offices and and service areas. Since the client’s wish was to present the company’s rich history, we had to make this capacious page different than usual. Navigating between different periods is faster and more convenient, compared to ordinary content page.


An important part of the website is also the presentation of the large number of services and contacts needed. In addition, we incorporated a traffic management online store based on VirtueMart.


Our task was also to copywrite and enter easily comprehensible and professional texts that would not be, on the one hand, too formal and, on the other hand, too familiar. The client can manage the content through simplified Joomla!.

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