Logo is one of the company’s most apparent and therefore most important visual elements. Logo creates an image of the owner in moments. It is a powerful medium that can help achieve a lot.

Then again, an unfit logo, or even a nice but “wrongly aimed” logo, will leave a wrongful impression that is very hard to retort. That is why the process of creating an appropriate logo takes more time and planning than might seem necessary at first. Creating a logo is never just drawing. Every logo needs branding, i.e. wider background.

Logo is a part of wider visual identity (corporate visual identity - CVI). A simple CVI determines the logo, colours, fonts. A more thorough CVI also contains other graphic elements, principles of using photos, layouts for different use etc. Going further, comes a wider and more general branding sphere that deals with the organisation’s general values and principles and expressing these. That determines the specific design solutions, including the design of the logo. 

Redwall creates identities guided by the client’s marketing goals. A logo is not just for looks. It is closely related to marketing and values of the company. This is the only way to create a functional visual identity, be it just a logo or a thorough identity system.

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