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NB8-Grants / NCM-Grants

The Nordic Council of Ministers grant programmes for public services, entrepreneurs, industries and NGO-s are focused on tightening cooperation and exchanging experience between the Nordic and Baltic States.

Redwall created a web-based software for paperless and convenient application for and management of the grants. It has increased the amount of applications remarkably while at the same time decreasing administrative costs of the grant programmes. Grants system has received positive feedback from applicants and programme managers as an intuitive and user-friendly system.

The electronic application system of The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration has made the application and reporting process user-friendly and the whole use of the Mobility Programme has become easier and more effective. Applicants have overall approved of the electronic system. Redwall has been in every way competent and productive in the process of creating and managing the system.

Madis Kanarbik, Programme Coordinator of The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration