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The Year of Libraries 2022

The website of the theme year brings together the events of Estonian libraries and brings the libraries closer to the readers.

Did you know that more than 700,000 readers visit libraries in Estonia every year, and they make a total of 13 million loans!? The library has quite an important place in our lives. In order to remember and rethink this role in the digital age, 2022 has been declared the year of libraries under the leadership of the National Library. We had the pleasure of creating an online home for the theme year.

The centre of the year of libraries homepage is the event calendar. Libraries all over Estonia hold their own events and there are events that travel around. In addition, there are also special themed year events. You can often get involved online as well.

To orient yourself in what is happening, that’s what the calendar is for. The organiser can add events themselves. Guests can filter events by topic, time, and location.

In addition, the page has news, galleries and other information related to the theme year.

The website is designed based on a given visual identity. WordPress content management is used, where different page templates and content blocks are designed, which the content manager can combine as desired.

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Project team

Silver Sikk (UX/UI), Mattias Valk (arendus), Helari Palmiste (lähteülesanne, testimine), Kristel Orusalu (pj)