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Estonian Defence Forces

When renewing the Estonian Defence Forces website we implemented the new Estonian government agencies design system for the first time.

A more simple and clear new website

Defence Forces needed a renewal on its website that would make information easier to consume, look more contemporary and be convenient to manage.

We figured the website would need additional photos, videos, related content and that long text portions would need to be concretized. Having conducted a content audit we updated the structure and information architecture.

Üksuse avavaade

Design system and WordPress development

As Velvet design studio was putting the last touches on the new Estonian government agencies design system, we were the first ones to start implementing it on a website. Taking off from our work with the content and the new design system we drafted the most important views on the website.


Replacing the outdated ForteCMS that was used previously, a simpler and more graspable WordPress was chosen as the content management system. The database was designed in a way that related contacts, news and other content blocks could be dynamically combined where needed. In addition to setting up the back-end, here and there the initial front-end code needed adjusting. An important part was ensuring accessibility and optimizing the code.

Seotud info

As one of the last steps we imported all the content from the previous site. Edited the texts and added photo material originating from the bottomless galleries at Defence Forces disposal.


A priceless experience with a large-scale project

It was an extensive and multifaceted project that gave us a great experience working well with several parties: in addition to the client the design system authors from Velvet and website hosts from Zone were actively involved.