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Baeri Residentsid


Baeri Residences

An apartment building complex at the side of Toomemägi in Tartu got a sound visual identity, website and other designs.

For years, people entering the old town through Jakobi street have been greeted by an empty street corner at Baeri street. All that is going to change soon, as Baeri Residences apartment buildings will fill this stately spot. Modern buildings that fit in with the surroundings will be the residence for people valuing a unique living environment at the side of historically green and rich Toomemägi.

Aerofoto Baeri Residentsidest

Inspired by the location, the visual identity is also stately and stylish. A font influenced by classics is used. Colours are calm, with fine golden luster here and there. A background pattern was also created, adding depth and elegance.


The website has plenty of photo material in order to convey the atmosphere and emotion surrounding the development, additionally making one’s imagination fly. Light animations add playfulness and engage the user so that they want to explore the page longer and thoroughly.


We also assisted in creating short texts that convey more precise information and support the overall image. When copywriting we use keywords important for the target group. This improves SEO i.e. visibility in search engines.

Esilehe sisulõik

Prices, plans and other information is formed in a respectable and understandable way. Contact information is always visible in the footer so that the potential client can contact the agent right away.

In addition to websites we also create other marketing materials. For this project, we also created web banners and a cover for the fence surrounding the construction site.