The issue with former websites was that these did not convey the structure and contents of the Centre in a transparent and comprehensive manner. Also, bearing in mind the long-term perspective, a new and broader platform had to be created to merge the activities and express more clearly the larger-scale plans and projects of future.

Our task was to analyse the activity of the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries Foundation and the creative industries of Tartu as a whole and create a web page that would give the visitor an overview quickly and with just one glance. We created a complete solution that includes the umbrella website Creative Tartu ( and various subdivisions - Tartu Centre for Creative Industries (, Antonius Courtyard (, the planned film pavilion at Raadi district ( and a database of creative persons and companies ( Various web pages have a common frame style but maintain the possibility to express their unique visual identity, if needed. Also, a possibility remains to distinguish visually between the subprojects (the Tartu Young Art Auction, Antonius Fashion Show, Design market Kellawärk, etc.) within their own sub-website and develop also into separate sub-websites later on.

As to the design, a rather traditional layout was employed to deliver the large bulk of information and to lay the emphasis of the design on the collage assembled from the gathered photos. Photos and videos from the past years are diverse and very lively, conveying the best way the true nature of the Centre - a distinct feeling, which arises from the cool people and their creative and inspiring activities. We recommend visiting also the FB galleries and the FB Youtube channel of the TCI and Antonius Courtyard.


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