Although the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner’s initiative is primarily directed at involving people with special needs in the society, it actually improves the lives of healthy people too. For example, not only people in wheelchairs need ramps, but young mothers as well, we all deserve pleasant customer service, clear signs in order to move in the urban environment etc.

The website created in cooperation with the Commissioner’s Office, introduces the topic and offers different further actions. Businesses and institutions can test their accessibility, read instructions on how to improve the situation or ask specialists for help. These institutions can ask for different “Siia saab” labels and souvenirs for approval, they can be used in image building. This way, institutions can show their regard and social responsibility to others.

The campaign is also directed at people with special needs and therefore, their website has to be a guide in the field of accessibility, in order to ensure the credibility of the campaign. To ensure easy readability and comprehensiveness, the website’s visual identity is simple and clear. The layout and navigation are classical in order to be also clear to the people who don’t act in the modern digital world every day. The solution created, considers the visually impaired and is compliant with web accessibility standards.

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