The building’s sound and modern architecture, as well as the location and purpose of the building, inspired us to create a chic look. The building fits in worthily with other buildings built on the street in the 30’s.

So in a good way, we didn’t even have a choice, because we knew right away, the logo and general style of the new building had to be worthy. So we mainly used confined and delicate colours and typography. The font of the logo flirts with form-conscious art deco of the 30’s and the content font also relates to the first decades of the previous century. We also added fine line graphic based animation as a modern touch to the front page.

The website gives an overview of the main advantages of the building. In order to create a stylish impression, much emphasis is put on images with a calm atmosphere. Alongside the sales arguments, users are conveniently and in style presented with more detailed information, for example plans, prices etc.

In conclusion, the website adequately reflects the timeless style of the building and, with its emotion and functionality, supports sales.

Pärnu mnt 18 ärimaja veebi vaade: esileht

Pärnu mnt 18 ärimaja veebi vaade: äripinnad

Pärnu mnt 18 ärimaja logo

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