We had to create a medium that would, first, be convenient and accustomed to the same private customer who is looking for a sofa for their living room. But we also had to think about the professional interior decorator for whom Isku webstore is an everyday tool. The fact that Isku offers quality, assortment of products and design resources that are all essential to large projects, makes it very valued among interior design professionals.

SThese returning regular buyers need a customer experience that has different specifics than a usual online store. There are many daily repeating actions that would need to made as unnoticeable and convenient as possible. On the other hand, the site needs great flexibility and options. There are specific tools, but the learning curve has to be short.

Regarding their products, Isku ensures enormous flexibility. Almost all attributes (material, colour, modules etc) can be varied. The possibility to combine hundreds of different versions from a single product means that there usually aren’t fixed prices and in stock products. So we had to find a reasonable balance between flexibility and convenience. Creating a product configurator was cast out, because there are so many different product groups and managing all that would be troublesome. Price inquiry seemed to be the optimal choice. The final result is therefore not a shopping cart and ordering option, but an inquiry form where one can add products and make an inquiry on a specific attribute of the product.

Visually, we followed Isku CVI’s mild and light style with green accents that are enriched by high-quality product and interior photos.


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