Here at Redwall, we’ve created dozens of real estate websites. Based on this experience, we’ve found the most flexible and bulletproof real estate website solution that works with almost every development. There are so many different projects, but buyers are usually interested in the same things. Based on user necessity, the functionality of the website is as follows:

  • Overview - introduction, sales arguments of the development and competitive edge, in writing.
  • Gallery - photos of the finished building or 3D-visualisations of a building still in construction phase.
  • Location - usually a map with nearby useful places (stores, schools, kindergartens, transportation, entertainment etc).
  • Detailed information and prices of the property. In writing as well as in visualised plans (for example apartment, floor and position plans)
  • Sales information.
  • Contacts

Of course, the focus has to be adjusted and accents added where needed in accordance with the development. But it’s possible to create a template for selling real estate that works with every development. Since we’ve become specialists on real estate websites, Domus decided to order a re-designable and easily adjustable solution from us.

The template we created contains all of the above-mentioned basic needs. The website, of course, complies with all modern requirements and is convenient to use on different devices. It carries the Domus company’s visual style. The content is fully exchangeable according to the development. The specialty of each development is brought out by captivating photos and easily comprehensible texts. A button for contacting the agent is always visible.

There is an example of one specific development below.


Korteri detailvaade