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1Kelvin specializes in planning, constructing of the technosystems of the buildings and offering accompanying support services. Redwall is glad to have been a webpartner to 1Kelvin from the beginning of the company. 1Kelvin’s webpage has grown and evolved with the company, from simple start-up calling card-webpage to current extensive webpage that mirrors company’s values, experience and references. Current webapge is already a third one in the company history.

1kelvin avaleht

Rapidly evolved 1Kelvin went through a thorough brandmapping and change of identity at the hand of DDR Branding and during that there was a need for new and more ambitious webpage. It was important to show company’s values, experiences and references to create trust and emphasize professionality. We were partners in translating the new identity to web world and the result is the modern, professional and solid representation of the company on the internet.

1kelvin ikoonid
1kelvin vaated