The year has started off in the fast lane and summer is almost upon us. Below we will provide a quick overview of the latest web design and development trends to look out for inthe seconf half of 2014.

Small screens

Nobody can stop the onward march of the small screen, even in tiny Estonia, where tablet and smartphone user base is rapidly growing. In order to step in sync with the times, websites have to adapt to the consumer and fit to these small screens, be easily readable and have accessible navigation.

Minimalist navigation

This trend has been growing for a wee while and is partly caused by the need to create websites fit for small screens. This in turn is forcing the use of icons, various visual elements and minimal navigation and menu categories instead of text.

One page websites

An increasing number of companies have opted for a website that fits entirely on one page - all in the name of reducing the amount of clicks a user has to make to reach desired content. The use of lightboxes, various layers and content boxes that rearrange themselves have become popular solutions. Why not try the one-page approach as part of a marketing campaign if you don't feel comfortable changing the company's main website just yet? We created a similar page for the timber exporting company Barrus – we implemented original illustrations and instead of the clunky old web page it now has a simple and minimalist style. Check it out on:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.43.23

Fixed content navigation

Many modern websites use fixed content navigation: the menu bar will remain static or morph into a slim strip – but remain there whilst you scroll down the page, meaning your guest will no longer have to scroll back up or click the 'Back to top' button to reach the menu particles!


Why not choose one single colour – your brand colour for example – and design your whole website or app in various sahdes of it?
Extra large and high quality images
Huge images – photos and/ or vidoes – that fill the entire screen work especially well on new retina screens instead of now old-fashioned patterned surfaces.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.57.43

Less text!

The overwhelming trends in webdesign continue to be the incoproration of visual elements, infographics and video instead of text. This grabs and holds the visitor's attention more as less and less of us have the patience and time to concentrate on text-heavy websites and visually beautifully presented information has become immensely popular – as well as a design trend in itself in the form of infographics:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.11.01

Photo source.

Jazz up your fonts

Why not use a mix of typography on your website? On a tastefully designed website it will have a refreshing effect.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.02.08

Performance is design

It is great, when your website is pretty, incorporates large imagery and boasts a range of bells and whistles installed by your developer – but not one visitor will want to wait for the front page (and the bells and whistles!) to load in order to access your content. The performance and speed of a website are just as part of web design as the overall look and feel of your page or the colour choices you have made for it.

More info on current webdesign trends here and here.

In case the trends mentioned above spark some inspiration and you wish to update your current website then get in touch and we'd be most delighted to help!